Rock Crushing Facility

  1. APPLICATION:  Asphalt Inc. LLC, 11675 Jollyville Road Suite 150, Austin, Texas 78759-4108 has applied to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for an Air Quality Standard Permit,

    Registration Number 148112

    , which would authorize construction of a permanent rock crusher.  The facility is proposed to be located from the intersection of US Highway 281 and Flat Rock Road, site entrance is approximately 90 feet west of Flat Rock along the west side of US Highway 281, Marble Falls, Burnet County.  Click here for approximate location of facility.

    PUBLIC COMMENT:  Written public comments about this application may be submitted at any time during the public comment period.  You may submit public comments either in writing to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Office of the Chief Clerk, MC-105, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas  78711-3087, or electronically at  Comments must be received by October 31 (comment deadline extended!!)   Please note that you must enter

    registration #148112

    when submitting comments.

    TCEQ will hold an informational meeting about the Asphalt Inc. Permit application on Thursday, October 26 at 7:00 pm at the Lakeside Pavilion, 307 Buena Vista, Marble Falls.

    The Marble Falls City Council approved 

    Resolution 2017-R-09D 

    at their September 19, 2017 City Council in opposition to the proposed facility.  

    The City of Horseshoe Bay City Council approved Resolution 2017-15 in opposition to the proposed facility.
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    The City of Marble Falls, Texas proposes to institute annexation proceedings to enlarge and extend the boundary limits of said city to include the following described territory, to-wit:

    1,242 acres of land out of the H.T. & B. R.R. CO. Survey No. 1, Abstract No. 448; the H.T. & B. R.R. CO. Survey No. 1, Abstract No. 448; the G. Tischler Survey, Abstract No. 1565; the Abraham Bradley Survey, Abstract No. 61; the Augusties Wagner Survey, Abstract No. 948; the Phineas James Survey, Abstract No. 492; the J. H. Behrens Survey No. 1028, Abstract No. 111, H.T. & B. R.R. CO. Survey No. 1, Abstract No. 448, H.T. & B. R.R. CO. Survey (Adolph Varnhagen Survey No. 2), Abstract No. 1279, and the McKinney and Williams Survey No. 834, Abstract No. 624; the T. G. Foster Survey No. 51, Abstract No. 316; 15 acres of U.S. Highway No. 281 right-of-way; and 9 acres of State Highway No. 71 right-of-way, Burnet County, Texas, located west of U.S. Highway 281 and south of State Highway 71.        

    There will be two public hearings regarding this annexation held by and before the City Council of the City of Marble Falls, Texas.  The first public hearing will be on October 24, 2017 at noon.  The second public hearing will be on October 30 at noon.  Both hearings will be in the City Council Chambers of the City Hall of the City of Marble Falls, Texas located at 800 Third Street, Marble Falls, for all persons interested in the above proposed annexation.  At said time and place all such persons shall have the right to appear and be heard.  Of all said matters and things, all persons interested in the things and matters herein mentioned, will take notice. 

    Posted this the 10th day of October, 2017.

    Comments and/or questions regarding this notice may be directed to Valerie Kreger, Director of Development Services, at 830-798-7095 or by e-mail to